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It’s Halfway to Halloween! How are you celebrating?

The air is warm and breezy. Everyone’s pulling out their sunscreen and coolers for picnics and tropical drinks, lounging by the pool, and waiting on the glory of summer to begin. More importantly though, we’re quickly approaching the halfway point between last October and this year’s Halloween season.

Growing up, I always found myself craving horror films and all things spooky around this time of year. The feeling came instinctively, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out that many in the Halloween community share this excitement as well. The late spring and early summer months are the perfect yearly midpoint where the memories of last year’s Halloween begin to fade, and the planning for this year’s celebrations can finally begin. It’s Halfway to Halloween, and it’s time to get in the spirit!

What is Halfway to Halloween?

Many debate the exact date of this midyear holiday, but it’s generally thought to fall around April 30th. It’s six months from last October 31st and six more months until October. Since it’s not an “official holiday” (although many Halloween lovers argue that it should be), there’s no right or wrong time to observe a mini-Halloween.

How do you celebrate Halfway to Halloween?

There are no guidelines or concrete traditions that you must follow to honor this unofficial holiday. The scale of this celebration is bound only by your own creative limits. To get your imagination geared toward the macabre, here are a few ways you can revel in the delights of Halfway to Halloween.

  1. Seduce your senses

When the weather’s hot and the sun is shining, the key to getting your brain on board for a mid-year Halloween bash is to recruit your remaining senses.


Familiar smells have the incredible power to flood your mind with memories you thought were long forgotten. To get your olfactory memory in the mood for Halloween, treat yourself to a few signature scents of the season. Light a pumpkin-scented candle, or go a step further and bake something delicious with cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves.

The true scent of Halloween could never be captured in a candle, so dig deep into your memory to find out what unique scents get you in the October mindset. For me, nothing brings back the joy and nostalgia of Halloween more than thumbing through dusty yet beloved boxes of decorations stored in the attic. My personal favorite scent of Halloween though has to be the faint whiff of vanilla that comes from inside worn, latex Halloween masks.


Do you ever really need an excuse to bust open a bag of candy corn or bite into a caramel-covered apple? You don’t, but there’s no better occasion to indulge your taste buds in delectable flavors typically reserved for later in the year.

For a refreshing summertime version of a Halloween classic, quench your thirst with “Halloween mimosas” by adding a few splashes of apple cider instead of orange juice to a glass of chilled champagne.



  1. Crank those Halloween tunes

Speaking of your senses, Halfway to Halloween is the perfect time to dig up those records or click on that seasonal playlist and delight your ears with the sounds of the holiday. Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like rocking out to the “Monster Mash” or “Werewolves of London”.

For a Halloween playlist with over 300 songs you can enjoy any time of year, follow Mr. and Mrs. Halloween’s Ultimate Halloween playlist on Spotify. 


  1. Have a Scary Movie Marathon

As horror fans, we’re watching scary movies all year long. Halfway to Halloween is the perfect opportunity to set aside a block to time to catch up on the latests genre offerings or marathon some of your favorite frightening classics.

For some horror film recommendations, read a few of the articles below:

For even more grisly entertainment recommendations, check out our movie page.


  1. Revisit Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite TV shows

For a big kick of nostalgia, head to your preferred streaming service and revisit the Halloween episodes of television shows you enjoyed growing up.

If you’re looking for a great list of Halloween themed episode recommendations, visit and check out Derek Faraci’s column, “A Very Spooky…”. Faraci reviews scary episodes of television shows that don’t typically delve into the horror realm.

For a list of shows that keep up the Halloween spirit all year long, check out “The Best TV shows for Halloween” or “50+ Halloween Episodes on Netflix You Can Watch Tonight!”


  1. Dive into a spine-chilling book

Submerging yourself in the world of a suspenseful piece of horror literature can immediately transport your mind to another setting. The Mrs. and I have been having a blast reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books over the past few years. Check out a new Stephen King novel from the library or download a hair-raising audiobook to listen to on your commute to work.

For a fun list of spooky children’s books, read “5 Children’s Books We Love During Halloween.”


  1. Share a Halloween date night with your boo

Since Halfway to Halloween is a minor version of the holiday we all know and love, play it low key with your sweetie and enjoy a Halloween-themed night in. Pour a glass of dark red wine, hang a few orange and purple colored lights for ambience, and snuggle up to one of your favorite scary movies.

For an extra bit of Halloween fun for two, complete this original Halloween Mad Lib together.


  1. Throw a Halfway to Halloween bash

If instead you’re looking to let loose and satiate the Halloween-hungry party animal inside, invite a few friends over for a Halfway to Halloween costume party. Keep the orange punch flowing while snacking on seasonal treats and dancing to Halloween hits. Encourage your guests to get creative and sport homemade, last-minute costumes. Raise the stakes by hosting a costume fashion show and award a prize to the most imaginative and inspired getup to walk the runway.


  1. Visit a haunted landmark or catch a paranormal tour

Lucky for us lovers of all things ghoulish, spirits haunt historic settings all year long. Take a weekend trip to a supposedly haunted site, and see what paranormal energies you can discover. Most cities have historic tours of old, creepy buildings, and many tour guides are more than happy to share the unsettling experiences they’ve had over the years.


  1. Get your garden in gear

If you want to have full, ripe Jack O’ Lanterns by October, now is the best time to start prepping your pumpkin patch. Pick a sunny spot in your yard, take a trip to your local nursery for some seeds, and bust out the gardening tools. The best time to plant the low humidity and warm weather-loving pumpkin seed is in late May or early June. If you want to grow something really special though, get a head start now by beginning your pumpkin planting indoors.


  1. Start planning the big day

With only six months to go, Halloween will be here before you know it. Experienced haunters and Halloween fanatics know that now is the time to start building props, making arrangements for the big soiree, and searching for the perfect pieces to complete this year’s crowd-stopping costume.

If you’re wondering when to begin, the time is now. Halloween is quickly approaching, and there is much to be done. With a little inspiration and the knowledge that it’s the halfway point to this year’s big day, you’re well on your way to making this Halloween one you won’t soon forget.

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