If you’re a fan of horror movies, it’s a great time to be alive – thanks in part to the Internet.

With the availability of streaming services and digital downloads, we now have 24/7 access to obscure and rare titles that back in the day we had to track down at a video store or a mail-order VHS house like Something Weird Video. We also have social media to connect with fellow fans to express our opinions and exchange information, something that was once only possible at conventions and screenings.

While these technological advances have their merits, a major drawback is that a significant part of the communal aspect of the genre is disappearing – we no longer have to leave the house to have an encounter with an actual human in order to watch a long-forgotten shot-on-video slasher flick. Instead we pick up our phones in order to argue about it with thousands of complete strangers.


Elvira (as if she needed an introduction)

The divisiveness and isolation of the horror community needs to be resolved — which can be done if we bring the Horror Hosts, both fresh and familiar, back to the forefront of the genre to unite us for the greater good.





Joe Bob Briggs returns!

With the well-received return of Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder, Svengoolie still going strong (and now nationwide on MeTV!) after 40 years, and Elvira’s enduring popularity, maybe it’s time to bring back the community experience that is the Horror Host – a smart, funny, and engaging presence to introduce the movies, make jokes about them, and offer insights and trivia that you otherwise might not have noticed.


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