The Shining (1980)


Our Pennsylvania homeboy – Punxsutawney Phil, the famous weather prognosticating rodent – made his annual appearance earlier this month. Apparently he didn’t see his shadow, and folklore tells us that means there will be an early spring this year. You wouldn’t have guessed this based on the brutal February weather we’ve been having here in northern climes.

That’s the problem with winter. The Holidays are delightful with their bright lights, festive gatherings with family and friends, and especially Christmas-themed horror films. But then once the Holidays are over, there’s nothing to look forward to. Without holiday cheer (and Krampus and killer Santas) to sustain us in this dark and dismal season, we need a certain kind of horror film right now… it’s the perfect time to enjoy grim winter-themed films that instill the kind of cold, quiet, lingering dread that’s as all-encompassing as a Minnesota blizzard.

The information-packed Den of Geek website has come through for us with a sure cure for our Seasonal Affective Disorder… a helpful list of winter-themed horror films to sustain us through these last few miserable weeks before Spring arrives (unless the Apocalypse gets here first).

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