Maritime lore abounds with stories of ghost ships – ships that sail the oceans of the world manned by a ghostly crew, destined never to make port. One of the creepiest ghost ship stories is the mystery of the Octavius.

In 1761, the Octavius sailed from London with its cargo destined for China. Upon delivering the goods, the captain attempted to save time and return to England via the Northwest Passage. At that time, no one had yet navigated the treacherous frozen Northwest Passage, but the weather that year had been unusually warm, and the captain thought it would be worth the risk.

Big. Mistake.

The Octavius was never heard from again… until 13 years later when a whaler discovered a decrepit ship with tattered sails drifting aimlessly off the coast of Greenland. When the sailors investigated, what they found scared them so badly that they fled in terror.

What did the sailors find on board the Octavius? Read the entire article at The Vintage News!

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