Cringe-worthy Halloween foods of the past, including mummified grapes, processed meats, and various pumpkin-themed dishes from the depths of Hell!


Forget about Thanksgiving and Christmas – the best holiday for gluttony has to be Halloween. And when it comes to eating on Halloween, for most of us, there’s really only one thing on our minds … CANDY. For kids, especially for those of us who grew up in less health-conscious times, Halloween was all about trick-or-treating to acquire massive amounts of chocolate and sugar, literally by the sackful.

Unfortunately, once in a while, a well-meaning neighbor tried to give out healthy snacks, but we avoided those houses like the plague. As we crossed paths with fellow trick-or-treaters, we would even warn each other which houses were giving out apples or pears this year… or even worse, tiny boxes of Sun-Maid Raisins. No one really wants mummified grapes.

Tricking innocent candy-driven children with dried fruit was bad enough, but back in the Golden Age of Processed Foods, manufacturers worked overtime dreaming up bizarre foodstuffs to take advantage of modern conveniences – whether powdered, gelatin-encased, dried, canned, or stuffed with preservatives. They were especially creative when it came to marketing for holidays, and Halloween was no exception!

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