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Can you imagine a better place for a haunting than a theater?

If you’ve ever worked in a theater (or you were a theater kid in high school), then you’re probably familiar with urban legends with hanging stage hands, ghostly actors, or phantom theater guests who vanished mid-performance. The spirits that haunt these eerie theaters are usually benign – they either love being around show business or can’t free themselves from this earthly plane.

Theater ghosts are often manifestations of people who once worked at the theater they’re now haunting; actors and stagehands alike have been known to frequent a theater, decades after drawing their last breath. Even if you’re a skeptic, you have to admit that there’s something ominous about being all alone in a dark theater and sensing that someone… or something!… is lurking unseen in the shadows.

Could you handle an evening in one of these haunted theaters? Or would you be calling Ghostbusters by the end of the first act?

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