Markers in Romania’s “Merry Cemetery” include paintings of the deceased and poems about them.


Cemeteries are, by their nature, full of stories, which is what author Loren Rhoads wanted to tap into when creating the book, 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die. “Our relationships with the places we visit can be deepened and enriched by learning the stories of those who came—and stayed—before us,” she writes.

The book includes burial sites from across the globe and through the ages. In the remote Scottish Hebrides, at Reilig Odhrán on the Isle of Iona, ancient worn gravestones mark the resting places of Irish, Scottish, and Norwegian kings. Argentinian First Lady Eva Perón is buried in La Recoleta, a cemetery in Buenos Aires. In Iran, the grave of 12th-century mathematician and writer Omar Khayyám is marked with a towering, geometric 20th-century monument.

The book is packed full of beautiful photos of cemeteries around the world that celebrate life, art, and history.

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