Perhaps hanging mistletoe isn’t such a great idea this year.  With greater awareness these days of what constitutes unwelcome physical/sexual contact, perhaps it’s time to let that tradition fade away.

But that’s okay – like the Honey Badger, mistletoe don’t care. It has plenty of other useful attributes, and as plants go, mistletoe is pretty badass.

Sure, for centuries it’s had the power to make people kiss. But did you know it can reproduce by literally exploding its own berries, propelling its seeds far and wide at speeds up to 60 miles per hour?  And then once it splatters on an unsuspecting tree or shrub, it’s like a plant vampire, getting its nourishment by sucking the life out of its host.

So how did this strange plant somehow become a Christmas tradition? Click here to read all about it at Atlas Obscura!

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